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Motivation To Become a Professional Blogger

Motivation To Become a Professional Blogger-Blogging Is My Life Blogging is a job as well as my hobby since 2008 and until now I still mengeluti world of blogging, Do not Know Why This one is my very hobby once and wanted to be a Professional Blogger, It's basically Blogging promising unlimited income potential. There have been many bloggers both outside and inside the country who have felt the joy pengasilan through this home work. This phenomenon may be of interest to you. Who does not want money???

Professional Blogger

But what you really sure you want to become a professional blogger whose income is derived from the blogs they manage? Of course you need a strong motivation for it. You do not have to do things just because other people abuzz doing the same thing, then you went along with it? You must have an interest and a compelling reason to do so. You deserve 100% to determine which profession is right for you. Not others.

Here are some considerations for you, when you should be blogging conditions and when you do not have to blog. Please remember that we discussed in the article is blogging as a profession, with the goal of making money blogging, not blogging as a hobby.

When should you do not have to start blogging?

1. You feel less suited to this job
As with other professions, such as farmers, not everyone was fit or want to be a farmer. Just an example, many people think that working as a farmer does not generate revenues comparable to the number of drops of sweat poured. You might find a thousand reasons why you do not want to be a farmer.
Similarly, the professional blogger. Blogger profession requires you to spend most of your time at the computer. For those of you who do not like the type of work behind the counter of course, blogging is not going to be an attractive choice for you. You will be tormented by it. Absolutely miserable! I work a minimum of 12 hours a day, you know. Want to like that?

2. You do not have much time to spare
For those of you who go to school, college or perhaps already have a steady job, you must have a very limited time. It is wise when you have free time is used to relax, unwind or gather the family together. Why you should take care of your blog when you need a break physically? You can only do that if you have a reason for it.

3. You do not know how to begin
Started blogging is hard when you do not know how. Even if you know how, you will still find that blogging is not easy. You need to understand HTML codes, you have to deal with terms that you never met before, you need to have sufficient skills to read and write in English, you need this and you need it, so complicated. While many sites provide lessons on how to create and manage a blog, anyway then you will find yourself more confused and have wasted a lot of time apparently useless.

4. You do not want to or can not get out of your comfort zone
To succeed at anything in this world it takes hard work. Again, in any field. In the field of blogging, you can not create a blog and then hoped dollars flowing into your pockets while you sit still lift up the leg. Blog not automatic money machine. He should be managed and developed continuously. Even the big-affiliate players who have tremendous success is still busy looking for backlinks to their web pages that in fact static pages. You are wrong to assume professional bloggers are juggling work on your financial situation within a day or two.

Blogging for commercial purposes, is definitely going to take a lot of your time. Free time for a trip to the mall to be reduced. Leisure time to watch so reduced. Even the free time for a nap in the room while playing facebook will be greatly reduced. Yes, you have to get out of your comfort zone and begin to sweat to build your own online business empire.

If you are not willing to leave the comfort zone that was, you should not have to work as a professional blogger. Blogging for a hobby will suffice. That is, if you want to.

When You Should Blogging?

1. You should immediately begin your career as a professional blogger if you are experiencing one or perhaps all of the conditions below:
  • You feel less suited to this job
  • You do not have much time to spare
  • You do not know how to begin
I am sure, like most people who are planning to be a professional blogger, you must have experienced one or more of the above conditions.

But, the difference is:

If you have the motivation and a strong will to succeed in the field of blogging and change your financial situation for the better through your blog.
Both our eyeballs will be very difficult to see any obstacles, hindrances, obstacles and problems that are right in front of the eye itself, when we are accompanied by something called willpower.

2. When you have the opportunity to get guidance from senior blogger or active agents internet marketing
If you already have a strong desire to work as a blogger plunge, the next step is to find a mentor for you. You can get guidance from senior bloggers in Indonesia through their blogs. You can also join the community of bloggers in your city to discuss with the senior bloggers and sharing of the latest information. Even now in Indonesia is already present Blogging School, school blogging is now growing rapidly in Indonesia. By learning through the school blog, you save a lot of time and energy. The material presented is more structured and you can consult directly face to face with your supervisor bloggers.

Strong will appropriate guidance is all you need to become a professional blogger. With two provisions that have the kesukesan your journey as a professional blogger will not be stopped by anyone except by God, and of course, yourself.
Andi Hasbi Jaya
Andi Hasbi Jaya Adalah seorang blogger sekaligus Konten Creator dengan latar belakang ilmu kependidikan yang menekuni bisnis internet sejak tahun 2008 dan sesekali menulis di beberapa blog miliknya, dan konsisten mengembangkan Channel Youtube pribadinya "HasbiTubeHD". saat ini ia tinggal di Makassar, menjalani hidup yang indah sebagai Ayah untuk 3 orang anak dan suami untuk seorang bidadari.

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