Login PTK Data Verification

Login PTK Data Verification (Share Info) Due to Technological Progress of Education in Indonesia Yang-Based Online, and New New, All the schools in Indonesia complement Existing data through an application called the Data name Depodik, Therefore please check to invalidity Here your data Log data Verification PTK in Url address below, but before you login please read following instructions:

Login Verifikasi Data PTK
  1. Enter a username NUPTK and birth date as a password with the format YYYYMMDD. For example, if your birth date August 2, 1986 the password: 19860802
  2. If it appears NUPTK information not found, there are several possibilities. 1) Column NUPTK have not filled in your Dapodik the data, 2) you NUPTK column filled but a typo. 3) Data Dapodik For NUPTK ybs not too import to the database.
  3. If there is a particular problem, include NUPTK and the problem via email to cekdataguru.dikdas@gmail.com For us trace the cause. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT DATA CAN ONLY UPDATE MECHANISM THROUGH THE APPLICATION DAPODIK. WE WILL NOT BE ANSWERED UPDATE DATA REQUEST.
Now Please Check Here with Friends And See The result

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