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Joy and sadness of a Blogger

Joy and sadness of a Blogger-Did not feel the time pass quickly. It has been almost 5 years of my blog to blogging. At first I was just a fad just to make this blog. Do not know what it will be filled and what kind of blog format. Even when I first created my blog do not know what purpose, whether such a website or something. But over time I understood what functions the blog itself. Obviously I want to share the positive things in my blog.

Joy and sadness of a Blogger

When this blog was first published, I was still in high school. At that time I still did not have a personal internet connection, so I had to go back and forth to the cafe when dealing with the virtual world. And for the same reason is why I did not fill my blog. And when I already have a laptop and a modem, then I started filling my blog.

Initially the concept that I want to pour in this blog about personal note why the title of this blog is a personal blog hasbi But over time, I fill this blog with various things. such as, educational articles, blogging. In the course of filling this blog, many ups and downs I feel.

To taste like, pretty much how I feel. The first was when my blog began to be seen by some visitors. That initially only a handful, then dozens of people and so far has reached 10 thousand visitors. The figure for most bloggers is not a tremendous number of visitors.

But for me it was something achievement in itself. Moreover, the content of this blog that I created, most are the result of my own thoughts. If there is a reference from another source, I would still convey a style of my own. The increasing number of visitors to my blog is also inseparable from Blogwaking.

Initially I just like to comment on every blog I visit or I prefer another way betukar comments. Not even thought about going to reply or not. Then when the article I got positive comments, it seems there has been such a positive share to others. Of course, also make new friends fellow bloggers.

But like a double-edged sword, every love must also sorrow. For example, like when your blog is a repost by other bloggers who you do not know and do not include the original link to our blog. Honestly it felt pissed off. Is like as we are making a work of art with our own toil and suddenly recognized as the work of others. But what can we do, the virtual world is like a world without laws. Can be free to do as he pleases. Although it was a violation of ethics though. I also do not know exactly why a lot of bloggers do such a thing. Maybe some of you have experienced similar things.

Maybe it's just that I can share on this occasion. and one thing you can not deny Love and grief it will continue to be with our lives. And as long as we can still step we have to keep going. So is the writing on my blog. I will continue working and sharing positive things to my friends as well. And hopefully with this blog I not only share, but also can get new friends. Greetings.
Andi Hasbi Jaya
Andi Hasbi Jaya Adalah seorang blogger sekaligus Konten Creator dengan latar belakang ilmu kependidikan yang menekuni bisnis internet sejak tahun 2008 dan sesekali menulis di beberapa blog miliknya, dan konsisten mengembangkan Channel Youtube pribadinya "HasbiTubeHD". saat ini ia tinggal di Makassar, menjalani hidup yang indah sebagai Ayah untuk 3 orang anak dan suami untuk seorang bidadari.

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