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Blogging Has tremendous benefits

Blogging Has tremendous benefits, Blogging is not a new term in the world of the internet. Not a bit of online users who try to become a blogger. However, not a few bloggers who are uprooted in the middle of the road because it does not know what to do when deciding to make a blog.

Blogging Has tremendous benefits

While surfing online we often find not a few blogs that seem suspended, because not in serviceable by the owner. The sad thing is there are many blogs that have recently been created and is not filled after that content is nothing. The example of the two can be summed up not a few bloggers who don't understand if blogging has lots of benefits so they are less so pay attention to the blog. Please read the 5 benefits of blogging:

1. Blogging is a hobby
Blogging can be a fascinating hobby, especially for those who like to write activity or want to learn to write. Blogging can be a loyal friend when saturated to release penatnya of mind.

2. Blogging is a profession
Being a blogger is a job. Not a few bloggers who gave up his life from the world of blogging with blog mengkaryakan become a machine for making money online. For example, a blogger can follow affiliate program to trade off the goods, following publisher program ads. Even some bloggers volunteered online article writing services and consulting related to the blogging world. Another interesting example to earn money from blogging world is to follow the contest blog article which is currently the more popular recently..

3. Blogging is Networking
Blogging is a medium for extending the network (networking). I myself have a lot of colleagues who with blogging activities. The writings that we fit on the blog will make other people want to know who we really are. Not a few readers of the Blog are Personal Hasbi contacted me through other interrelations between via e-mail, Facebook or contact me Personally Via Phone or SMS Directly

4. Blogging is worship
If we have a problem and want to find a solution, please use a search engine like Google to look for information about the problems that we face. With a split second to Google will be presenting a website or blog related to the problems that we face. My heart is beating so often amazed at how there are so many people who want a range of knowledge and information with others for free. There is little information provided by the blogger has a high value. My optimistic blogging can be a medium for meritorious acts of worship by giving enlightenment for others.

5. Bloging is Media Promotion
Blogging is also beneficial for promoting the capabilities or business owned by the bloggers. The conditions of modern society that are tied to the online world has made online as a media-technology activities. For example, if we want the roads we can easily find the information in the online world the goal area side streets. It is extremely beneficial that the bloggers kebetukan includes information about their business in the world of tourism.

From the fifth example above, blogging has tremendous benefits, but only a few bloggers who are devoted to it seriously. Finally, all back to each of us to answer the question why we created a blog. Greetings blogging!
Andi Hasbi Jaya
Andi Hasbi Jaya Adalah seorang blogger sekaligus Konten Creator dengan latar belakang ilmu kependidikan yang menekuni bisnis internet sejak tahun 2008 dan sesekali menulis di beberapa blog miliknya, dan konsisten mengembangkan Channel Youtube pribadinya "HasbiTubeHD". saat ini ia tinggal di Makassar, menjalani hidup yang indah sebagai Ayah untuk 3 orang anak dan suami untuk seorang bidadari.

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