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Shame The Action Indonesian Young in Cyberspace

Indonesian Young in Cyberspace - Indonesia may be evolving toward the public aware of the technology, particularly information technology. With the procurement process and the cost of the Internet arguably began affordable internet technology becomes more accessible and available. Moreover, almost all the network operators also provide data network for its customers. One of the most obvious evidence is how Indonesia is the social networking site users in massive quantities.

Internet is absorbed quickly into the various layers of a culture shock raises community. Seen as something that is free, people sometimes forget how this virtual world in fact has its own ethics. Spamming becomes the most disturbing events in general. What about social networking sites? There are so many rules that should be followed to make it convenient to use this service together. However, our own freedom to determine who will be a friend to be the best solution for selecting it. Another case when we do start embarrassing name of the nation and the state.

Shame The Action Indonesian Young in Cyberspace

The thing I feel is sad when getting this information from a friend. Sharing of information is scattered in one of the leading forums Indonesia, Kaskus, there is a phenomenon that is quite embarrassing to watch. A group of Indonesian boyband fan (which is unlikely I mentioned here) began to show activity of the virtual world without ethics. Through social networking sites, various spamming presented to worship one of the band members without regard to where they belong.

Just imagine. Just because it has the same name, one of the leading French fashion industry and several bands from abroad to constantly get spam wall on the social networking site, Facebook. The most embarrassing? Indonesian teenagers who do. With the information regardless of the targeted fan page, they kept throwing comments and adored blindly without direction. In fact, the fan page is not intended boyband they want. However, as no matter, the comments continued to be present indefinitely.

Actually, there are some businesses that seek clarifications made by the related sites. In fact, there are some who clearly wrote, "We are not what you are looking for Boyband Indonesia" to "We're not a band Indonesia, so stop spam" to stop this madness. Again, all kinds of efforts do not produce results, all the comments of worship continues to be present so that is like a stream of spam that is difficult to stop. Indonesia's teenagers bring bad name to the state and nation for the conduct of a reasonably "Barbaric" in this virtual world.

I myself do not understand how something like this could happen. Is having read the statement clearly targeted fan page? Are they fans with excessive fanaticism? Or to save the data on mobile usage, they only display text without pictures? Whatever it is, we have to start trying to educate them about good social networking etiquette. Do something in place, appropriate, proportionate, and make others remain comfortable might be points that must be considered.

Not intend to patronize. I'm just trying to capture the phenomena that occur in the community. Do not also think there is resentment that seeks stocked here because this is a fact. Make no mistake, I myself is a big fan of Morgan, the biggest fan ever! Mmmmm .. we are talking about Morgan Freeman, right?
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