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Recognizing and Overcoming Impaired creativity

Recognizing and Overcoming Impaired creativity A new revolution, a new perspective, a new target and a new label. So whether it's a new resolution, new perspectives, new hope, new targets and everything with "new label" emerging, which is currently being compiled and will be programmed by each individual for this in 2013, it still can not be denied and not power abandoned the old, the worn, the rejected, and all things with "old labels" such a long perspective, old habits, old behavior still follow closely attached gantol, lodged, and clustered heads stuck in the liver, at the foot and in all our affairs, am I right?

And I want you to be honest that affect ourselves who want a new label and the old labels remain side by side. As much as the commitment to leave old label and any sekapok not to repeat, we still own that carry and maintain. Unique yes we humans heuheu. Why even proud anyway.

Overcoming Impaired creativity

Recognizing and Overcoming Impaired creativity

At least to be honest with yourself about this, then the next we discuss again a big question mark at the beginning of 2013 was to have had a material question. I believe the question material myriad haha. Let's just representative of 3 questions with the most creative, Why, Who, How? Alias ​​Why, Who and How, yes it heuheu question, "Why - Who - Why How - Who - how".

1. Why we want new but keep the old one?
Why do we want a new one but keep the old. Why do we want to change both but keep the old style, old habits and old diseases? That's the point. If the old has both his name's not PR or PR to be improved. Well that must be like watching a movie this responsibility. To complete your answer, I quote one important quotes:

"People do not want their lives fixed. Nobody wants their problems solved. Their dramas. Their distractions. Their stories resolved. Their messes cleaned up. Because what would they have left? Just the big scary unknown."

Then if that's spelled correctly Chuck occurrence, at least give rise to a reflection: What happens if we go through the year 2013 with the state deliberately generated or letting someone else make the problems pile up, the story does not go over and chaos after chaos continues, so Life in 2013 is like a Final Destination film series continued?

If that's just messed up for a strike kindergarten school for want new shoes, well, if Big Scarry unknown was deliberately created by smart people, by the political authorities, our own boss, and those that have a large capacity so that if you make a mess for sure major violent? So whoever the person and however creative effort championed for change would be susceptible to interference, Haunted by the specter of uncertainty, we are restless anxiety, especially if it be true?

2. Who are the good, the bad, the ugly?
Who is then the good, the bad and the ugly? Who had his cowboy movie Franco Nero, who was also at least know - whom his heuheu. This exciting if answered by the law or politics. Could appear to be a series of initials scapegoat. So we just answer with creative thinking, which is nice so the good.

So if you want to be called the good ya its resolution should be good. Do not be a director of Next Final Destination, Do not want to be an actor of his antagonist, and certainly do not want to be a victim and not to any of his accusations Just like us.

So who then? Just say to yourself that either party is a good God and His servants, the evil was Satan and sidekick - cronies and the ugly is the monkey and his gang. Just choose a community we want to go where. Even if you are not evil, but it would not say monkey? I also lah, so one important resolution this year is to humanize everything to monyetan me in the past, so I performed and served as a new man, not a monkey with a new man mask.

3. How to? Share your tips and mine
After knowing why, and who the bullies creativity to undergo either a resolution in 2013 is, of course, we have an answer cope. This is by - by the morning before work, came home from work tonight I connect again points - points, and hopefully become creative tips enhancer insight for the answer you have:
  • Overcome Procrastination & Finish everything!
  • Face criticism and hatred with profit-oriented attitude
  • Promotion of the Truth
  • Be more assertive and less remorse
  • Realize Future goals with budget setting
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