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Personality Formation Someone In Religion

Personality Formation Someone In Religion-In everyday life we ​​often find that human nature is different. such as the nature of good and evil, in this discussion will explain the nature of a fine. because that can be replicated by readers, lots of big things and small things that ditumbulkan by nature and human actions, which impact fositif or negative. The impact of which will lead us in happiness or sadness. if the positive impact it will bring us to happiness, whereas fositif impact it will bring tips into misery or grief.

I Love Islam

I Love Islam

The main source of faith
Taqwa is an alert that arise from a person will for things to harm themselves or others, in other words what is in murkai alert gods.
Taqwa contains three essential elements, namely:
  1. Avoidance of deeds ygng gods wrath.
  2. Avoid self-defeating actions.
  3. Evade themselves acts that harm others.
Growing faith will and noble character trait among others:
  • Sincere
  • Honest
  • Patient
  • Spartan
  • Trustworthy
Disgraceful Acts avoid include:
  • Revenge
  • Miserly
  • Greedy
  • Arrogant
  • Despair
  • Arrogant big head and so forth.
God does not look at people of dignity, Treasury, Wealth, Rank, Title, but God's view of one's faith and devotion.
Word of God: "The most real wakens milia is the most pious to your Lord." ( Quraan Al-hujuraat: 12).
People who have a high rank what it means when ketaqwaannya weak, and therefore have high positions such as parliament, the Assembly, the President, Vice President, and other sebagianya should have an attitude of piety to God.

Due to the attitude of faith will be encouraged to avoid sin. Being a leader is not easy, without any faith, such a leader has done an unlawful act, such as corruption, collusion and nepotism. It will cause anxiety and will bring leaders kejerat law. Every human being must never make mistakes as well as the leader, many trials and tests that must be faced. If a strong sense of faith may not be entered kejeratan sin.

Taqwa properties can only be possessed by any person with the gods and obey the command away from its ban. Allah guarantees to every person when someone with the attitude of devout and godly life will be happy, Sentausa, and quiet, both in this world and in the Hereafter kelak.Seseorang with faith and piety will prosperous life, as a society of people who taqwa. Because it was a fair and prosperous society akn realized if the members are people who are faithful and devoted to God.
Honesty brings it Blessings
Someone who is faithful and devoted to create honest nature. Honestly it means one of the properties that arise from being god-fearing, trustworthy, and loved others and bring blessings given by Allah SWT. The main points of which honestly properties:
  1. Trustworthy.
  2. Allah favored and others.
  3. A blessing.
  4. Strengthen the sense of responsibility, and other.
If someone has an attitude to be honest it will be trustworthy and reliable by others. Because other people believe in people who have honest attitude would be very responsible of all tasks diberiakan. Honesty is also favored by Allah, because an honest person will be spared from evil. Honesty is a blessing to yourself and others, for yourself like getting happiness, feels closer to God, and enjoy other people.

Honesty must also be based on a sense of faith, because faith gesture that would reinforce honesty in a person. Someone will be successful if based on the nature of truth. Why so?, For example if we want to be a leader, we must be believed by others, and we have to be honest and fair. People strong faith do not want to be a leader in the community, before he became a wise leader in the family.

Since holding the confidence of the people, and responsibility as leaders to bring members kejalan the blessed God. If the leaders can not afford it will be his job in the next issue nanati. Pimimpin should cultivate the attitude of taqwa towards Allah SWT in each person leads. Islamic Ummah led by the Prophet Muhammad, Allah's Apostle had carry out the mandate of Allah SWT well until he died. And the tenets of Islam to spread d imanca country.

Sincere and heartfelt
Good and bad deeds of a person depends on the intention of pushing it. If your heart wants to do good, it would be a good charity anyway. But if his intentions are bad, the action was going to be bad, though sepitas then it looks good deeds. Thus, like a flowing river, when the water is clear right from the upstream, then down to the estuary akn remains clear. However, if it is cloudy from upstream, then reached the mouth will be cloudy anyway.

The intentions are good it is a sincere intention or unwilling sincere, pure sacred meaning, the intention of which is solely intended for seeking the pleasure of Allah. Clear away from prohibitions and implement obligations. Not merely to get praise or fear of reproach, not for fame, or because shrimp behind other stones, will tatapi it was all done for the sake of worshiping God in order to get approval.

Any work that is not forbidden, though its ordinary can become acts of worship kapada abandoned God and will receive their reward from Him as long as it is based on a sincere intention. Missal like, a lecturer teaching science with iklas, as well as a student studied hard, pegaiwai working with honest and do not like screwing around with a full sense of responsibility, and so forth.

Compassion will arise if the sincerity of a person grows, so into improving welfare.
The opposite of sincerity is riya, sum'ah, and nifak. Riya means to do good deeds in order to be seen by others, while sum'ah means to do something with the intention that diidengar hear other people in other words, the fruit of lips banyak.sifat riya and sum'ah not only deceive others but over time will deceive yourself.

Steadfast and patient in the face of trials and testing
In the daily life of every person will definitely get trials, difficulties, obstacles and temptations. There were happy times and when suffering, while dark and light, while crying and laughing, and so always turns. When we got into trouble should be patient and steadfast, and when he gets the pleasure to be thankful to God because of all the pleasure obtained a gift. When the neighbors after asking directions we should get out of him, and when he gets happiness do not ever forget Allah SWT, because everything that happens to us is the will of Allah.

As for the accident kinds, such as being overwritten disaster accidents, poverty, loss of property, loss of a loved one, the various kinds of suffering and failure. In such circumstances the patient is like a light shining on the hearts and minds are in the dark. As for everything it is a trial or calamity from God Almighty. All that haruslan faced calmly. Because it comes from God and will return to Him.
The fruits of patience are important are:
  • Invocation
  • That is the glory and mercy of Allah.
  • Grace
  • Mercy of Allah SWT, which covers all areas of life.
Divine Guidance and leadership.
Dare is an attitude can face a risk or hazard to calmness and courage in the positive. Dare not mean no fear, because the fear of something that deserves to be in fear is commendable. As the fear of his name will fall if the act perverted. Fear is not good is the fear of anything that is not appropriate fear. As is brave is not desperate and do not be a coward, but in the middle between the two. Coward is afraid of something that does not deserve to be feared, while daring courage is without calculation. Courage is divided into 2 types:
Physical courage, are not flinch in the face of imminent danger to the physical.
mental courage, namely courage reprimand issued an opinion ruling dholim, criticized officials who deviate.

Both of courage can not be separated from each other, even both very large is for everyone.
Every business requires courage and struggle. Therefore do not fear death, because of the fear that sometimes will actually happen. If it were already assured of a business must be implemented immediately based on the calculation, because no calculation is reckless daring. Because a lot of rethinking is risk rather than to think of success. Because essentially run something with heavy skepticism has failed.
As for how to foster courage, among others:
  • By expanding the view
  • Because of the broad vision will not feel afraid of something that does not deserve to be feared.
  • Deepening religious teachings and implement them in their daily lives
  • Because people are true believers will not be afraid of anyone, because that is the only fear Allah SAW.
  • Train and familiarize ourselves in relationships
  • With many associate will not be inferior.
  • conclusion
Good nature will lead to a good thing too, because Allah SWT that govern one's life, and if you want to progress there must be a desire to change. because Allah will not change the situation better in a person when the person is no effort and endeavors.
I as a Muslim would highly doubts about the state of the Muslim Ummah Today, Small Example I have seen in my everyday life of Islam is, One day I saw A Yang admitted his Muslim Ummah but why do not reflect the behavior Muslim Consciousness. Time Azan voice heard their prayer time is still exciting world By Jobs
Muslims confess But why can not Read Al Quraan
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