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Heritage Local Tradition in Indonesia

Heritage Local Tradition in Indonesia - Indonesia is an archipelago consisting of many islands, so as to create diversity of race, language and traditions are different. Tradition is reflected in the society so as to make Indonesia rich culture that developed in each area and region.

Apart from the ethnic diversity in it, Indonesa also has stunning natural beauty of the natural processes that shape natural beauty menonjokan factor. While local tradition is a cultural routines performed by a region for generations to form a tradition of that society, there are many traditions that exist in parts of Indonesia certainly reflects the area or wilaya.

Tradition in Indonesia

Indirectly constitute a tradition that the identity of a region and a tourist attraction of local and foreign. An area with a high menjungjung local traditions will indirectly affect the peace and comfort of the people living in the area. so as to avoid disputes in the masyaraktnya although there are different beliefs, but it's put together by local traditions that exist in society.

The trend will be a traditional society is seen as the process of socialization, in Indonesia always puts people on the value of local traditions, such as when there is a wedding procession is most people menggunakkan local identity with custom clothing reassure each course that describes the special features of the area of ​​origin was doing the wedding ceremony, and more.

In traditional communities are still well preserved because of the tradition of community pride that they have, so it will keep them awake and on their children and grandchildren to preserve their offspring.

Factors that were a strong influence on the preservation of the traditions of each region in Indonesia. In addition to the pride of the region of origin, cultural factors that have been attached strongly to the people also influential in the love of tridisi that already exist within the community.

In the era of rapidly evolving information in the weir without being able to affect it in any field is no exception tradition that has become the hallmark of a region and a nation's character is threatened with informaasi which continued into the mindset and morals of the nation of Indonesia, which of course it will result in the shift of traditions in each region in Indonesia, where progress in the information age can not filter properly can certainly fade tradition in our society, because the information comes from a different tradition and culture with us.

Our role as successor to preserve the tradition that our ancestors first be on guard with how to proceed and does not change the roots of the tradition that has been embedded in the local culture in Indonesia, as well as the next generation indirectly we have been given the responsibility to preserve the child- our children in the future, as a region will have the pride and tradition of having a special feature that will show the identity of an area. The tradition of our region who else will preserve unless the sons and daughters of the area.
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