9 Signs of Smart People

9 Signs of Smart People

9 Signs of Smart People

1. Linguistic Intelligence
Intelligence is to process words effectively both talk and writing (journalist, poet, lawyer)

  • Could argue, convince others, entertain or teach effectively through words
  • Likes to read and interpret written language clearly

2. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence
Intelligence in terms of numbers and logic (scientists, accountants, programmers)

  • Easily create classification and categorization
  • Thinking in patterns of cause and effect, create hypotheses
  • His views are rational

3. Visual-Spatial Intelligence
Intelligence that includes thinking in pictures, and is able to absorb, transform and re-create various visual aspects (architect, photographer, designer, pilot, engineer)

  • Keen sensitivity to visual detail, balance, color, line, shape and space
  • Easy to estimate the distance and space
  • Sketching ideas clearly

4. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence
Intelligence uses the body or gestures to mengekspresiakan ideas and feelings (athletes, craftsmen, mechanics, sewing, assembling model)

  • Enjoy physical activity (exercise)
  • Deft and unbiased remain silent
  • Interested in everything

5. Musical Intelligence
Intelligence to develop, express and enjoy the music and sound form (conductor, songwriter, singer, etc.)

  • Sensitive tone and singing songs with the right
  • Can follow the rhythm
  • Hearing the music with more sharpness

6. Interpersonal Intelligence
Intelligence to understand and be sensitive to the feelings, intentions, motivations, character and temperament of others (networker, Negotiator, teacher)

  • Dealing with other people with caring, open
  • Establish eye contact with either
  • Demonstrate empathy for others
  • Encourage other people tell his story

7. Intrapersonal Intelligence
Intelligence and self-knowledge are Able to act adaptively based self-introduction (counselor, Theologian)

  • Distinguishing the various emotions
  • Easy access their own feelings
  • Using his understanding to enrich and guide his life
  • Introspective and meditative love
  • Prefer to work alone

8. Naturalist Intelligence
Intelligence to understand and enjoy the nature and use it productively and develop knowledge of nature
(Farmers, fishermen, hikers, hunters)

  • Loving environment
  • Being able to recognize the nature and behavior of animals
  • Glad activities outside the (natural)

9. Existential Intelligence
Intelligence to answer the deepest problems of human existence or presence (philosophers, theologians,)

  • Questioning the nature of all things
  • Questioning the role of self-existence in nature / the world

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  1. kalau belum memenuhi ke sembilan tanda tersebut..belum bisa termasuk kategori SMART ya :)

    1. Sepertinya Begitu Mas Tapi Kayaknya Anda sudah memenuhi kriteria diatas dech :D


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