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For Example Personal Blog Personal Website

For Example Personal Blog Personal Website, We have already become commonplace if the brand, character, corporate, or media, usually have a personal website. Management of the website is not only for business interests, policies, or activities, but also usually as a medium that reflects personal thoughts, ideas, behaviors, or actions of individuals. Not infrequently website is used as a medium of effective communication between producers and consumers or superior and subordinate

For Example Personal Blog Personal Website

Blog as a personal website

Personal website is usually owned will be realized through a blog. And as an example of a personal website blog, of course, will vary the content, content and content to the parent website. What is stated in the blog are usually not the same as the main website. Due to the personal nature of any content containing some thoughts from the owner of the blog either in writing or otherwise.

With the blog as a personal website then a personal website in the form of a blog will generally follow the sub domain address parent website. Suppose the parent website address at http: andiabbi.blogspot.com website / personal blog will http:andihasbijaya.blogspot.com
And the number of domains is not restricted. Depending on the domain and hosting tranksaksi when making a purchase.

For those of us who want a personal website, if the parent does not have a website, it should be discouraged. Not least because the characters, Publick figures, writers, or the artists who use free blogs as a medium for their personal website. Today was the use of a blog as a personal website more and more. Besides, since it is more simple and easy to make also do not need to pay.

Blog as an example of a personal website is not necessarily perceptible
Personal luxury and impressed dashing Because personal website filled only content related to the blog owner. Suppose fruit thoughts, ideas, musings result, social criticism, or portfolio of personal works that are not published.

The form will be like a series of blog posts (articles) with some specific category and are equipped with the comments. The owner of the blog to write what was on his mind in sheets blog pages that can be enjoyed and commented on by visitors.

Suppose you are a teaching experience at the University. In addition to teaching, you have nothing else to do in a journal or paper or a community college. By having a personal website, although only a blog, the fruit of your thinking outside of teaching activities and can be channeled.

Also if you are a person who is learning to write. Then you can spawn a variety of outcomes posts you've made in your blog. In addition to the learning event is also a place to interact with fellow users blog to provide advice and constructive criticism for writing your posts.
As new ideas in learning systems, social criticism of the recent events, or even your portfolio that did not get published in other media. In short, personal personal website can be interpreted as the face and the container yourself in the world. Due to online media today, is believed to be eroding existence offline media in the future.
Creating Personal Blog So the question is now, to create a blog as an example of how to pace a personal website? It's easy. Very fast. And very easy. There are two major mainstream blog is most often used as a personal website.

They are Blogger.com and Wordpress.com. In both media blog, you can create a blog in minutes. Even seconds. Although the status of a free platform, but Blogger and Wordpress blogging tool is not cheap. In both of them have as many features and plugins topnotch, no less with the website

Besides, you do not need to pay for it later membuatnya.Meskipun contained in the address given subdomain blogspot.com or wordpress.com, but it is not a weak point or from a media blog.diberikan there subdomain blogspot.com or wordpress.com,

But it is not a weak point or 'disability' of a media blog. If you want to require a domain. Com like websites that exist, just buy a domain at the domain address providers on the internet with a price range of 60 thousand to 100 thousand dollars.

Weblogs can also be made a link to the google search engine, so if there are people who want to look for articles or posts related to documents that you can have, it just simply typing a keyword in the search engine google. Then there was an article link in your weblog will automatically appear in the Google search engine.

To link your weblog on the search engines can get into google google search engine and click on google sundries. After that send content to google. Click add your URL to google and enter the URL address of your weblog. But keep in mind that the emergence of the weblog article you will depend on how many people visit it.

Excess Blog For Personal Website

  1. Relatively easy to make. If you have trouble how to create a blog so could be looking for help with using the Google search engine. There are many guides to create a blog, as well as easy to learn and practiced.
  2. No need to make it cost or free. Services for making this blog issue unnecessary cost to make. And you can still explore the look of your blog as you wish.
  3. Suitable for all users. This blog can be used for various purposes whether it's just for your writing hobby, train of thought, expression, sharing experiences can be used for means of education and empowerment. Also for those of you who are interested to make online business then it could be by means of this blog.
  4. You can expand your network and relationships by using the weblog. Adding friends and the breadth of friendships that can make a community that will be easy to access many of your activities.
  5. Unlike email that its use is limited then the weblog has advantages compared with the emails that can only be read by the person you send it in weblog posts you have written can be read by millions of Internet users worldwide. In addition, people who visit your blog can also provide a response to the comment on the article you have posted. Of course, with service that is inside the weblog comments.
  6. Can be used as a venue for making money. It can be used as an online store, your personal website in the form of this blog can also be used as a place to make money online business media.
  7. To know how to keep a personal website can be used as an online business media. You can easily learn at andiabbi.blogspot.com
  8. that your knowledge of the website is not limited to writing purposes only. There is no harm if he write and inform something, you also get money, right?
  9. In addition to making your own, the service provider of website creation services are also widely available. With the various advantages offered will make it easier andnot bother to make it your own. The advantages offered include will make your blog look like a professional website, and you can bet that your website will be entered into google.
  10. The facilities were used to create a personal website is a blogger facilities. So you are free to write as many articles as much as possible. Package provided by these facilities vary, ranging from beginner package, medium to expert. The price offered was hanging from the facilities that you have requested. Of course for those who do not want to be bothered, then the service provider's website can be an option if you want to create a personal website.
  11. If you have created a blog then you can deploy your weblog link address to friends or relations. Share your experience or your writings to other internet users around the world.
  12. Likewise, if you already have a blog website that has in monitize the money will come to you by itself. While you were sleeping, because if someone visits your website and clicks on an ad that is in there then automatically increase your profits. Besides being able to share your writing with other internet users, you can also earn money from the blog. Are you interested?
Such review on the blog as an example of a personal website Good luck!
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